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Great Buy

Luv it

My fave app ever!!!

I am a librarian and to have all my fave web sites all in one place is very pleasing. User friendly - easy to navigate

News for the news hound!

If you want news and news and news this is the app for you. You wont ever run out of news! Good app.

Top App 2011 "Apple"

Rated 1 in 2011

Need to have it

Its an app that I use every morning and every night, it lets me view many different media sources which gives a choice to analyze the same news topics with bias opinions in order for me to better formulate my own opinion. I recommend highly to the open minded reader.

Not worth $2

It only provides links to news apps that are free. Save your money and just download the free news apps


This APP is worth four stars after it refunds your money and the five stars rating after your account is credited!! Totally not worth the price......:(

Time Saver

Its very handy to have all the different news outlets in one place.


I review several news sources and topics at the end of each day with this handy app.

Cool Apps

I use it like everyday

I use this app all the time

Very convenient..but I dont like the ad banners.

News in one

I get more news on this app than all the rest. I love The Drudge Report to start my day!

Excellent but for the ads!

One place to find all the news fm different sources! I like it!

Nice app for consolidated news

I was looking for one app to organize my news. This one is easy to use and allows you to customize what sources you want to see. Look no further.

Great info app!!

Easy to use, all the info in one spot, great!!

Great app, adds not a problem anymore

My previous complaint about this app , the excessive ads, appears to have been fixed. Great app, by far the best consolidated news app on the market!

Love this app

Great news app!

Great site

Great place to get the highlights.


Great place for quick access to a ton of mobile news, sports and gossip sites

Love this ap!

Great to have everything in one place!