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Wont open on a 6s with 9.2. Deleted

Freezes constantly

I like the idea of this app. But really needs a tuneup

Buyers beware, doesnt work with iOS 8

I bought it a couple of days back and noticed that it was not working with iOS 8.0.2. I sent a couple of emails to the developer, I have not received any response.

No longer works

This doesnt work with iOS 8. I really liked this app but it hasnt been updated in years and now stopped working.

Super annoying ad pop ups

I have had this app for years and after getting used to how it works, it does what it says for the most part, but recently, Ive noticed you cant even begin to read an article without pop-up ads re-routing you to the App Store to download "candy crush" and all the other annoying popular games. I want to delete the app for this reason...its counter productive because once you are re-routed, it boots you out of the app then you have to start all over by relaunching the app and finding the article that you were trying to read, only to have it happen again! I just dont have time for this apps antics anymore! Its set up completely to suit the advertisers not the readers. Boooooo


Freezes. Click a news source and nothing happens. Youre not sure if its loading or just not working. Youll wish youd skipped this one.

Big problems

I donwloaded this app based on other reviews. Every time I tried to delete a source I got bounced out.

News reader

I use the app daily however, the update for the iPhone five is overdue. Ads take up quite a bit of room on my screen. I paid for this app therefore should be void of ads.

Good, could be better

I like this app a lot. Love having all the news sources in one app. Its easy to use. What I dislike is, when I get a text or for some reason have to exit the app I lose the place I was at. And sometimes Im reading an article that Ive followed several links to get to and dont remember how I did it. Thats pretty irritating. Also, constantly having the set as default come up and having to exit it 25 times is annoying. I know they cant so anything about the ads, but I am about ready to use a different app.

Okay but google news is better IMO

Not easy enough to share on social networks


Great way to stay in touch with all sources...

Okay, but.....

Great idea, but not much has changed since first launched. Needs to determine what bind app it is and then build on that strength.


Every time I delete a news source the app crashes. Annoying!!! I want my money back!

Good app

This is a good app go infromation.

Good idea, but needs work

The idea of this app is great, and admittedly, it does it fairly well, but its not great. Not even good really. The app is excellent in landscape mode for giving a clear and easy reading area, but this mode really needs a back button. As it is the only way to go back after reading a page is to switch to portrait to get access to the back button. Now for portrait mode, which is really where most of the apps actual features come into play: Im not even going to bring up the fact that every time you delete a source the app crashes. Its jarring and obnoxious and needs to be fixed but this is just a big so I didnt lower my rating any more because of it. The UI is terrible. Its too filled with junk. There is a small viewing area in the middle surrounded by two blocks on top and bottom. The blocks take up a huge amount of screen real estate. So much so that it is ridiculous because they really dont have much purpose. If the developers update this so that there is a button to hide the blocks on either side and give us the whole screen to read from in portrait mode then I will ignore the other small annoyances and give it a five star rating.

Pretty cool

Good news app but not better than news 360.

Great APP.

I have a lesser known city paper programmed into it, and find it easy to keep up with the local and state news that would not make the national news. I give it a thumbs up.


Should we bid Info Junky a farewell ? This app is all but dead on our iPad 2. What could the mater be, HELP!

Love this...

I love the info all in one place, whatever your preference is for a news source (or sports, or entertainment, or weather, or tech....) you WILL find it in this one app. The only downfall is getting kicked out when deleting a source, but eventually that wont matter once you have removed the sources you dont care for.


I am reviewing this as an early user. I gave it aq 4 because I have not had time to go deep and do enough yet. is easy to use, works effectively every time and has a wide range of alternatives to choose from. In many ways it is like 5 (or more) apps in one. It is a good buy for those who want to hop around good news, weather, business and other sites from a central location in a quick and easy way.